Phoenix Property Management Company


I’m relatively new to writing blog posts but I wanted to take a moment to write something that I feel is vital to any real estate investor. Property Management Services. Whether your investment property is in Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix, Peoria, Glendale or anywhere else in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area you face the same issue all investors face.

The most important concept in management is understanding what the investor is looking to accomplish. Once you have what you are looking to accomplish, you know what type of house to look for. Once you have the type of house, find the house that is your target renter will find most attractive. If you’re looking the easiest property management – you want the highest quality home to find the highest quality tenant. If you’re looking for the highest possible cash on cash return, you’re probably looking in lower income neighborhoods and have to expect to have a tenant that may be more difficult to manage. Regardless, there are some hard fast rules here in Phoenix. Covered parking, close schools, easy access to transportation hubs (be that public or quick access to highway), clean home, modern floor plan as much as possible, and much much more, a realty group managed by Dustin DeFrates has much more information regarding the ins and outs of property management but the long story short is that a property management company, especially here in Phoenix will make or break you as a investor. Take care in choosing a property management company. THEY ARE NOT ALL EQUAL and frequently you pay for exactly what you get. Ask about how the property management company advertising, how they manage access to the property, who picks up the phone (and shows property) on a sunday afternoon, how they handle inspections, how they consider tenant risks, this is a very long list of what to look for in a management company. We’re always available to discuss further, please click the “contact us” link for property management company referrals!

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